Keep Poultry Coming in the Mail, Protect American Agriculture

The United States Postal Service employs over 500,000 Americans, and is an essential service providing critical infrastructure for many industries. Recently, the White House rejected a bill intended to help save the service from running out of money in September 2020.

The Bird Shippers of America is a group of poultry related businesses and individuals, formed to protect the right to ship live poultry, of various types, through the United States Postal Service, and educate consumers on best practices in caring for their poultry.

The United States Postal Service has successfully been delivering poultry for over 100 years. Our industry depends on them to deliver poultry to our customers throughout the country. There are no other options for shipping poultry as private carriers will not accept shipments of live chicks and other poultry.

Without the USPS, our industry would fail, along with countless businesses and farms. Every hatchery, feed store, 4-H Club, poultry equipment manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, school science project, and others raising poultry on a small scale will be hurt. This issue will also affect the food supply of many Americans.

The hatcheries that ship poultry in the mail are generational, family businesses that employ many in rural America. We stand together as members of the Bird Shippers of America, and as poultry enthusiasts, in our support of the USPS.

Please lend us your assistance on this issue and take action now. We are seeking as many signatures as possible on our petition to encourage the administration to support full funding of the essential and vital services of the USPS so that we can continue to provide poultry and services to backyard enthusiasts, homesteaders, small farmers, farm stores, and connected industries and individuals across the United States.

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